Robb Malone – the epitome of a good neighbor

This article was written by Kathleen Hustad

Our neighbors are what make the Camden Community special. It is filled with talented, hardworking individuals that make this place the destination we all chose to call home. We look out for each other and are an extended family.

On April 14, we lost one of the best. Robb Malone died from COVID-19 complications at only 54 years-old. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy, a wife and five children.

Malone could often be seen spending time working on his immaculate lawn where he would strike up conversations with passersby. He took a genuine interest in getting to know neighbors. When Robb was not in his yard, he could be seen zipping around in a red recumbent bicycle, wearing his coaching gear or hopping in his vehicle to coach at one of his children’s games.

Malone was married to Relina. They have five compassionate and community-minded children: Teagan, Kensie, Jamen, Ty and Talia. Recently, their youngest children, Ty and Talia, were part of a group of neighborhood children who took the initiative to clean graffiti from the Abraham Lincoln statue on the Drive.

The Malone family had two residences in North Minneapolis and are strong Northside supporters. Malone volunteered in a variety of ways on the Northside including being on the Victory Neighborhood board, as a block leader, and hosting National Night Out events. He also carried on a 20+ year tradition of a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Given his coaching experience and booming voice, Malone was put in charge of reciting the rules of the hunt and counting down each age group. He ensured that all children found at least 12 eggs.

Robb always kept his eye out for an opportunity to help neighbors be it lending a tool, providing home maintenance, and landscaping guidance and fixing things. He also donated a large “trash bag” full of Minnesota Twins knit hats last fall to many people across the Northside. Because the hats were so prevalent, neighbors would try to keep track of all the “Robb Malone” hats they saw in a day.

As a Senior Facility Manager of Caribou Coffee, Malone was also known to share a pound of coffee as a neighborly gesture. And when the 2011 tornado hit our community, Malone helped with the Camden Community cleanup.

The comments section on Robb Malone’s GoFundMe page is filled with inspiring stories such as these. There is also a website at with testimonials, photos, links to other media stories, Robb’s obituary, and ways to help support Robb’s family.

Malone lived a life of service and was an exemplary neighbor. He gave so much to our neighborhood and was a good neighbor to many. Now, it is time for us to carry on his legacy. Find an opportunity to mentor a child, join a neighborhood organization or just lend a hand or listening ear to a neighbor in need.