North Minneapolis celebrates its first Renewable Energy Fair – #POWERFEST

This article was written by Kristel Porter

We have an urgent call to action on climate justice – too many of us have been denied access and left out of the decision making power about a “just transition,” where all thrive as we address climate change. #POWERFEST is an event grounded in art, movement, relationship building and information to connect community members to a movement — and claim power and resources to create this equitable transition together!

Join us on Saturday, June 12 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at North Commons Park, 1801 James for #POWERFEST – an opportunity for neighbors to meet with organizations and businesses that provide resources to make the switch to renewable energy and to make better choices around soil and water conservation in their homes and yards!

We will showcase the renewable energy and conservation projects in progress happening around us, and you’ll get a chance to hear from people at the center of the Environmental Justice Movement, including; Kristel Porter, Analyah Schaleger Dos Santos, Jamez Staples and Kyle Samejima.

Highlights include: North High School community solar garden project; morning yoga and mindfulness practices; storytelling workshop; learn how you can get a free energy audit in your home; how to plant a tree join the #StopLine3 Movement and get involved; groove with live music by well-known local musicians; watch/play a group game of kickball; and enjoy food from local vendors.

Event partners include: MN Renewable Now, Minneapolis Climate Action, Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Voice of Culture, Renewable Energy Partners, Climate Generation, IPS Solar, Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling, Minneapolis Parks, and many more!

We look forward to seeing you at PowerFest on June 12. This will be an event to remember! Info: