Metro D Line updates

So you noticed no access to some intersections of Fremont or Emerson?

The (soon to be) Metro D Line Transit stations are under construction and will be running along Fremont and Emerson. Stuff is happening in south Minneapolis too on the D Line – but here in Camden we are scheduled for road work for a while – timeline is vague, subject to weather and “unforeseen conditions.”

Here’s the last known info:

Emerson/Fremont and Lowry: Construction includes station platforms, new sidewalk, new pedestrian signals, utility work, new street pavement, partial street reconstruction, new pedestrian ramps, signals and sidewalks.   

Fremont and 35th ongoing if all goes well: The intersection will be fully closed to vehicle traffic; the intersection will re-open in late June, with up to three months of lane closures following the reopening. Construction will include station platforms, new sidewalk, new pedestrian signals and ramps, street pavement and utility work. 

Construction continues – get used to it. For info on the total Metro D Line, detours and how it affects you visit