Juneteenth at the libraries

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North Regional Library 12-5 9-5  12-8     9-5       9-5       —        —            1315 Lowry Ave N 612-543-8450

Sumner Library     12-5 12-8        9-5       9-5       9-5       —        —            611 Van White Memorial Blvd. 612-543- 6875

Webber Park Library        —        —        9-5       9-5       12-8     9-5 9-5            4440 Humboldt Ave. N. 612-543-6750

Commemorate Juneteenth season

Come together online to witness powerful stories, performances, rhythms and songs. Juneteenth 2021 is a practice of reminding and remembering, re-grounding and regrouping. There’s a reason Juneteenth is reunion season. We reconnect, retell old stories, and revive our relationships. Check it out.

Sun Mon          Tues Wed        Thurs Fri Sat  

North Regional Library    12-5 9-5           12-8     9-5       9-5       —        —            1315 Lowry Ave N 612-543-8450

Sumner Library                 12-5 12-8        9-5       9-5       9-5       —        —            611 Van White Memorial Blvd. 612-543- 6875

Webber Park Library        —        —        9-5       9-5       12-8     9-5 9-5            4440 Humboldt Ave. N. 612-543-6750

All live virtual events have ASL interpretation. Register online for one, some or all of the programs at http://bit.ly/JuneteenthHCL2021 All programs are funded by Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Bloodline with Journey Productions, Sunday, June 13, 3-3:45 p.m. Journey Productions has created Bloodline – an innovative, progressive showcase that explores contemporary issues of systemic racism, identity and triumph through song, dance and spoken word. It’s a piece that pulls you in, keeps you there, and moves you. Join us for the live premiere of this work and Q&A with Journey Productions.

Juneteenth Stories with Auntie Beverly, June 13-18, 5:30-5:50 p.m. Join Auntie Beverly every day this week as she reads or tells stories about Juneteenth. There will be stories of celebration and achievement, of liberation and self-determination, as well as freedom and family.

Passed Presents. Sunday, June 13, 6-6:30 p.m. Passed Presents is made up of Alicia Steele and Jayanthi Kyle who practice deep connection to each other and their remarkable Black ancestors through voice and song. Passed Presents is inspired by the spirit of loving and caring for our water and feel called to share and sing the stories they’ve been holding as we’ve been separated through the pandemic.

Dewbert Speaks on Juneteenth: Storytelling With Nothando Zulu, Monday, June 14, 6-6:30 p.m. Master Storyteller Nothando Zulu will take the audience on a journey with Dewbert – a 100-year-old who remembers many Juneteenths.

The Undefeated with Black, Bold, and Brilliant Youth, Tuesday, June 15, 6-6:45 p.m. Youth from Black, Bold, and Brilliant will use the book The Undefeated, original rap, poetry, song and movement to talk about Juneteenth as a freedom that was fought for and won by Black people through resistance, rebellion and perseverance. They will incorporate battle cries in reference to revolutionaries and freedom fights such as the German Coast uprising, Robert Smalls, and others.

In the Beginning… With Wisdom Young, Wednesday, June 16, 6-6:45 p.m. Wisdom Young will serve as a griot on a journey through stars and water, through Ancient Africa, the Maafa, slavery and freedom – utilizing poetry, music, sound and story. Young will investigate the connections and significance of the scholarship of ancient Africa in reference to the study of astronomy, and the significance of water in relation to life and Black bodies. The community will be invited to participate by writing lines in relation to water, freedom and an object, smell, or sound that comes to mind when they think of Juneteenth.

Rites of Passage with WE WIN Institute, Thursday, June 17, 6-6:30 p.m. WE WIN will give a cultural presentation on the significance of Juneteenth where youth will perform African dance and drum, recite program rituals, and share important facts about Black Americans. This program will be streamed live by WE WIN Institute on Facebook, facebook.com/wewininst.

Regrounding With VOICE of Culture, Thursday, June 17, 7-7:45 p.m. VOICE of Culture is a Black family sharing and creating West African rhythms and movements with a Black American twist. Witness a demo of the rituals that VOICE of Culture Drum and Dance practice around reconnecting, centering and bonding with ancestors, family and the universe..

Black Flowers: How to Regrow Black Joy After 2020, Friday, June 18, 6-8 p.m. Join members of the Black Table Arts Co-op for an evening of poetry, performance and panel on Black joy, regrowth, grief and imagination. This event will center and uplift Black people, Black artists and Black voices.

Reflection and Connection: Community Art Event With Million Artist Movement, Saturday, June 19, 2-4 p.m. Join Million Artist Movement for an intergenerational community art-making event to culminate the 2021 Juneteenth celebrations. Through the process of creating art together, Million Artist Movement will create a space for the community to connect with each other and to reflect on the themes, stories and dreams of this year’s Juneteenth performances. There will be three activities to choose from: making quilt squares, dance, and theatre/storytelling. For the quilt square activity, kits will be available to pick up ahead of time at Hosmer, North Regional, or Webber Park libraries between June 1-18.

Juneteenth Meal With Mama Sheila, June 13-19. Sheila Brathwaite, local chef of Mama Sheila’s House of Soul, welcomes you to watch her prepare delicious Juneteenth-related foods, while discussing the significance to Juneteenth and what it means to her. Cook along or just sit back and enjoy. Mama Sheila’s House of Soul is a family-style soul food restaurant in South Minneapolis filled with beautiful Black music and ambiance. Watch this recorded virtual program anytime from June 13-19 on Hennepin County Library’s YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_q3dXhsIlB1B8R2D3TtKw

Juneteenth Story Strolls, June 13-19. Commemorate Juneteenth Season. Hike from page to page reading Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy while you stroll on the trails near Theodore Wirth Beach area. Read and reflect on Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park and The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander at North Commons Park. Presented in collaboration with Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and the Juneteenth Community Board.