The Community Love Notes Project: Healing Together

We have been living in difficult times… a global pandemic; racist systems harming our communities; people struggling to stay healthy or just get by day-to-day. With all of this, many of us are finding ways to stay well amidst these struggles – to engage in healing, to nurture moments of joy.

So, we’d like to know: What does healing look like for you? Where does it come from? What does it feel like? What has sparked a kernel of joy in you through these times?

Would you like to share some healing inspiration with someone in our community? The Community Love Notes Project, and all day online event from April 1-10, is a chance to send a piece of that healing into the community to land somewhere among those you love or those you’ve not yet met.

Here’s how:

Take a Picture

With your camera or smartphone, take a picture of something that supports healing or sparks joy in your life. Get as creative as you want! Is it a certain color? An activity? An object? If there is a person in your photo, consider a creative way to capture an image that doesn’t show their face. Set up a scene to photograph or catch a candid moment. Have fun with it!

Write your Message

Write a short message about how you find joy or what has been healing for you. Maybe it’s a poem? Maybe it’s a description of your photo? Maybe it’s a love note to those you have not met yet? Again, be creative.

Share the Community Love

This is the extra cool part! The Community Love Notes Project will turn your image and your written message into a postcard. We will send your postcard to someone in our community who could use a healing message.

You will also receive a postcard from another human who created a piece of community love to share if you choose.

Take it in… bask in the love, the joy, the healing. Love notes are windows into the community beauty that has been, is now, will always be surrounding us… when we can picture it and even when we cannot.

Use this Google form to upload your photo and information between April 1-10:

Questions? Contact Erin Bogle at