New Year’s Eve in 2020

Most of us are more than ready to say goodbye to 2020. But with the pandemic still in play, and spiking in some places, what’s the best way to do so safely? The typical New Year’s Eve party, inside, with cocktails, finger food, and lots of kisses at midnight — is a super spreader event waiting to happen. And most big New Year’s Eve events are being cancelled, anyway. So, we just need to be a little creative.

Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids

As anyone who’s a parent can attest, as soon as you have kids, your New Year’s Eve plans already change completely. Not everyone can stay up until midnight anyway.

Little kids make celebrating New Year’s Eve at home a no-brainer. And with the pandemic in play, we’re all at home this year. You can still make it fun, though.

* Watch the ball drop
This year, the ball drop in Times Square is still happening, just virtually and without the crowds.

* Be festive
I know no one is looking, but this is about making memories. Get dressed up. Pour fancy cocktails. Make (or order!) a glorious New Year’s Eve dinner, served on silver, and with the good china. Wear the silly 2021 hats. And take all the pictures.

* Honor all the traditions
You can still make resolutions. You can still sing Auld Lang Syne. You can toast champagne or whatever your drink of choice is and eat all the traditional good luck food. And everyone in your household gets a kiss at “midnight.”

What else can you do?

*Rent a car
If you’ve been cooped up for nearly 300 days, it can be refreshing just to hit the road in something a little fancy and see the sights. Renting a car is reasonably low risk, according to experts. If you already have a car but are still feeling fancy, splurge on a luxury model.

*Get a room
A change of scenery is everything right now. And what better way to close out the kind of stressful year we’ve had than to slip away someplace serene and pretend it all never happened. By and large, it’s safe to stay in hotels now, as long as you take certain precautions.

Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family or friends

Social distancing is still the keyword this holiday season. With surging virus numbers being attributed in part to small gatherings, the CDC is recommending that you celebrate only with those in your household.

* A virtual gathering
There’s always Zoom. And in these precarious times, celebrating from a distance is a small price to pay to keep everyone safe.

* The meaningful text
If travel of any sort isn’t in the cards for you, because you or someone in your home is high risk or just the stress isn’t worth it, guess what? You don’t have to do anything this year. Sometimes, the best part of a holiday — be it or Christmas or a birthday — are the flood of texts from people who you love affirming that they love you back. In a year as crazy as this one, it can be as simple as that.

With all that I say goodbye 2020 and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!