Did you really say that?

A couple I know like to support the local economy by eating at a small restaurant on the far north fringes of the Twin Cities. On one visit, they had a waitress that was obviously pregnant and they assumed that she could be close to her due date. In chatting with her, they learned that she is pregnant with twins, and that she is a surrogate mother for a couple that couldn’t have children. 

The next time they visited this establishment, there were some people waiting for a table to open up.  However, there was an open spot in a little alcove that had a booth for four, and while it was a tight fit, they sat down there. 

When the waitress came, the Mrs. recognized her from other visits, as she has a voice that makes her sound like an 8-year old girl. She stood right next to the booth, too close for her husband to comfortably look up to see her face. However, the voice must have made him think “child” too.

“So, how’s it going in there?” Mr. asked the waitress. She didn’t understand. [OMG – MRS. Understood and couldn’t stop him]  “How’s it going in there?” the husband asked a second time, pointing at her apron with his menu.

“Oh, I’m not pregnant – just chubby,” the waitress said in good fun.

“She’s not the one,” the wife said as well as any ventriloquist.

“Oh, I’m sorry……..” He couldn’t think of anything that was going to save him from this situation.

Everyone who heard had a good laugh, except the husband – to which the wife said, “Did you really say that?”

The names were removed to protect the guilty. 😊