Capri construction update

The Capri will celebrate the completion of construction this December, and then ring in the new year with the installation of the new Capri marquee in January, with thanks to all who’ve supported PCYC and the Capri on this hopeful journey of expansion and renovation.

Remaining construction and finishing work includes the installation of new seating in the Capri Theater; updated LED theatrical lighting and new sound boards and speaker systems in both performance spaces; mirrors, tables and other amenities in the three dressing rooms; the serving pantry equipment, and benches and tables in the plaza.

In the past two months, the Capri has welcomed a limited number of people for COVID-safe construction tours, and the reaction to the building has been overwhelmingly positive. As artists walk through, the wheels begin to turn as they imagine creative possibilities within the space. Two young people who served as Capri apprentices could hardly contain their enthusiasm as they quickly moved from room to room, with a real good sense of what it will mean to return to work as apprentices in the new space. Other people have seen great possibilities for events, meetings and neighborhood gatherings in what will be a central hub of activity for the Northside.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty as to when and how the Capri will open in 2021. There are plans for some virtual programming, including a Legends show this winter; various options are being considered for rentals, partner and Capri-produced programs, including an outdoor concert on the plaza in the spring; and finally, a fantastic grand opening will be held when the time is right. 

More info on renting space at the new Capri is at, or contact Kevin West at 612-643-2039 or  Capri exterior construction can be viewed in progress, live, at any time at