Capri construction is winding down

The installation of new Capri seating is nearly complete.

The sounds of hammers, saws and delivery trucks are now being replaced by sounds of vacuum cleaners, window squeegees, and carts rolling equipment out of the building – a sure sign that the construction of the Capri is nearly complete. Finishing work includes the installation and testing of the new sound system (which is getting rave reviews), the installation of flooring in the Paradise Community Hall, and the final touches on the new seating in the theater. The new Capri marquee will be installed in January. 

Responses to the new Capri have been overwhelmingly positive. One director/filmmaker,

a former Northside resident who saw his first film at the Capri as an 8-year-old, recently returned to his old stomping ground. He marveled at the change, growth and magic of the new Capri and sees unlimited potential for the space.     

Plans for winter and spring, and the timing for the Capri’s grand opening are still in flux. For consistent updates, check the Capri’s Facebook page (, or subscribe to the Capri’s email list at And be sure to drive by soon to see the beautiful new Capri, right in the heart of North Minneapolis.

More info on renting space at the new Capri is online at, or contact Kevin West, 612-643-2039 or  Capri exterior construction can be viewed in progress, live, at any time at