The legacy of 2020

              I thought it was only happening to me … the end of a decent year with the new year beginning in shambles. After falling down a flight of stairs, cat almost dying, car dying, having to shop for a new car, then try sell the old one … it seemed like 2020 was off to a rough start. Then COVID-19 started and we went into lock down for months. Wearing masks, physical distancing, only going to the grocery store once a week. Car went off the market — no one is buying as people lose jobs and income.

              Then George Floyd was killed and our city went into demonstration mode with thousands taking to the streets. Camden took a hit from outside agitators looking to cause more trouble and damage, but we got by easy compared to South Minneapolis. For once it wasn’t North Minneapolis burning!

              We keep waiting for life to get back to “normal.” Well, maybe normal wasn’t so great. I know it wasn’t for a lot of people. Maybe it’s time we throw out the old mold and start building a new one … an inclusive mold for life that includes people of all colors, religions, family preferences and politics on an equal basis. Let’s quit being radical and start moving to the middle, which is the only place things get done. Compromise asssures that everyone gets something but nobody gets everything. Paul Wellstone said, “Everyone does better when everyone does better.” Let’s work together so everyone can do better.


Donna Seline,