Behind the Victory Flagpole Where has downtown Camden gone?

Where has downtown Camden gone? To shop there you could not go wrong. So close it was to Mississippi

That’s part of what made it so pretty.

It started out with Camden show A place you always liked to go To see the latest produced flicks And even stories ’bout Tom Mix.

The tailor shop was right next door

Johnson-Berg forever more.

Go shopping there to buy a suit

They even had the kind called “Zoot.” The favorite place to buy our food Was Blomquists if you’re in the mood. You gave a list to grocery clerk

He’d have your food back in a jerk. Then Johnson’s was the place for meat His market was right down the street.

There’s fresh meat hanging from the ceiling

Choose beef or pork, both so appealing. The next was Dahl’s fine Dry Goods store You just could hardly ask for more.

Of sundries, dishes, dolls and gifts And slinky dresses then called “shifts.” If you are hungry and want a treat

You’ll go to Baumann’s down the street.

Both bakery and luncheonette

Most tasty snacks you’ll ever get. So where did downtown Camden go So many many years ago?

A freeway came and ran right through And made the place entirely new!