Plastics, a community problem

A few years ago I attended a meeting to talk about what our neighborhoods and cities might look like in the future. Called “Pocacito,” the meeting was organized by a think-tank from Washington D.C. We were asked to imagine how we would like our communities where we live to look. No one said “plastics everywhere please.”

I see it all around. Water bottles, straws and soda cup lids, food wrappers and plastic bags, glitter and holiday decorations gone astray, small yellow and blue flags left by utility companies, bits of plastic from the worn edges of plastic snow shovels, and debris from cars that probably hit too many potholes and lost a tire flap or worse.

So, Camden campers, watch for plastic. Join me in picking it up. Join me in going on a plastic diet. What is convenient now, like that single serve portable water bottle, is destroying our rivers, oceans and sealife, and piling up in landfills.

What do you do to avoid plastic? Please share your ideas. My neighbor uses old newspapers to pick up after his dog, for example.

Thanks to everyone in Camden who picks up or avoids using plastic for the sake of sustainable living.

Barbara Bach,