KIPP gets award and new program



The Old National Bank Foundation recently presented a check for $5,000 to KIPP Minnesota, a charter school system dedicated to confronting education achievement disparities in the Twin Cities.

“The KIPP model is focused on supporting students holistically – it is not solely their academic performance, but their personal well-being that our teachers and staff support whole-heartedly. We are committed to confronting educational disparities so that our students are able to lead choice-filled lives,” said Executive Director of KIPP Minnesota, Nicole Boardman. “This work would not be possible without the generous support of partners like Old National Bank. Their grant is literally changing the course of opportunities afforded these amazing students.”

KIPP Minnesota is being awarded this grant for its early education efforts. The grant money will be used to support its expansion. KIPP opened its third school in North Minneapolis in August. The school, KIPP Legacy Academy, will welcome 5th and 6th-graders in its first year and will grow to a full capacity of 680 students over the next seven years in grades K-8.

“KIPP is an extremely promising public school that has made strong academic gains and continues to do so. They are committed to our children and families in North Minneapolis, where more great schools like KIPP are sorely needed,” said Sondra Samuels, the President and CEO of Northside Achievement Zone.

The new campus is part of KIPP Minnesota’s strategic plan to grow to five schools — two primary schools, two middle schools, and a high school — teaching over 1,000 students in grades K-12 by 2026.

KIPP starts new trauma program! This fall KIPP will also be introducing Miss Kendra Programs to students. The Miss Kendra program is a national movement aimed at addressing trauma proactively. The program, featured in the documentary Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope, is a cost-effective program that helps kids build resiliency.

Unlike most other trauma programs that follow a medical model waiting until the child exhibits signs of stress by acting out, the Miss Kendra program follows a preventative public health framework that is based on reaching all students with brief but frequent contact and early intervention.

Schools around the country that have adopted the Miss Kendra programs have seen substantial decreases in incidents of fighting and aggression, suspensions and office referrals, as well as a reduction in overall stress levels among the students. For info visit