Folwell Park spruces up for spring

The Folwell Park wading pool sat empty most of last summer.


Folwell Park is one of five Northside parks that is slated to get some welcome improvements, with related projects starting to be implemented this year into spring/summer of 2020.

In addition, both the perennial drainage issue that affected the primary path through Folwell Park and the leaky wading pool have been addressed by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB).

Drainage problem resolved!
For the past decade, Folwell Park has suffered from an unwanted “pond” that forms each spring, submerging the park’s main thoroughfare. In fall of 2018, MPRB installed a drainage system resulting in the path currently being free and clear of standing water for the first spring in 10 years. This winter’s record snowfall has served as an excellent test of the new system. While the ducks may miss the Folwell Pond, park users definitely do not!

Wading pool maintenance/repairs scheduled

Folwell’s wading pool was closed almost the entire 2018 season due to leaks and there has been concern that there will be no aquatic facilities again in 2019. MPRB Project Manager Dan Elias reports that maintenance and repair work is under contract, which includes sandblasting and repainting the pool itself. The schedule is still being developed with a target completion date of Memorial Day, although Elias says this date is not set in stone. Elias further commented, “MPRB is committed to getting the pool operational and if that fails, will explore temporary aquatics and North Commons Pool passes for Folwell Park users.”

Tennis court refurbishment includes pickleball striping
The long-closed Folwell tennis courts are to be restored and will once again include striping for pickleball, a sport played with a paddle and plastic ball that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Elias reports that MPRB regularly receives inquiries about pickleball facilities. There is pickleball at Creekview Park, but with limited play space currently available on the Northside, Folwell could become another destination point for pickleball enthusiasts.

Play area upgrades and improved multi-use athletic field
Elias says that MPRB is working hard to come up with diverse options within the existing playground containers that meet the budget. MPRB conducted multiple community engagement sessions in April, including an online survey, to seek input on new play equipment for Folwell.

Play equipment concepts, overall park plans and timelines can be viewed on the Folwell Park Phase 1 Improvements website page at Other Northside parks are also scheduled for play area improvements.

In addition, MPRB will be working on an improved multi-use athletic field on Folwell Park’s west side.

Questions? Contact Project Manager Dan Elias at 612-230-6435 or