Parkside at Humboldt Greenway almost complete

The North Market, Webber Library, and the latest new business the Thirsty Whale, are all huge assets that could be helping attract new homeowners interested in another new asset: Parkside at Humboldt Greenway. Just three years after getting the City go-ahead, the Parkside at Humboldt Greenway project portion is almost complete and potential residents are buzzing to build their dream home in the picturesque and park-filled area of Minneapolis’ two furthest north neighborhoods, Lind Bohanon and Shingle Creek.

The Humboldt Greenway is located on Humboldt Ave N, from the nearby green Webber Parkway and Victory Memorial Parkway to the northern most city boundary at 53rd Ave N. Humboldt Ave is the shared boundary of the Shingle Creek and Lind Bohanon neighborhoods, where new homes and townhomes were built, with the last remaining portion to be built in Lind Bohanon.

Currently, there are/will be 65 brand new homes, either already built or soon to be built on Humboldt. A total of 47 homes have sold out in both Phase I&II. Sales Manager/Realtor Sheri Rivera of Parkside at Humboldt Greenway said they have just 18 homes remaining in the final Phase III to sell. “We have sold 20 homes since January 1, 2018 and can build a home to have them move-in ready for the fall, sometime from October to December. The base price is $299,900 to $328,900.”

In 1999, Hennepin County completed the initial $28 million Humboldt Avenue Greenway / Shingle Creek Regional Pond and Wetland project, including a significant greenway amenity, enhancements to Shingle Creek, and several new residential redevelopment sites including single family homes and townhomes along Humboldt.

Through their City Neighborhood Revitalization Program investment funding and housing requirements at the time, the Lind Bohanon, Shingle Creek, Webber-Camden and Victory Neighborhood Associations also financially contributed over $200,000 to help attract and build the Humboldt Greenway, anchoring the Commonbond Communities Shingle Creek Commons building which opened in 2002. It is currently a thriving community of 75 independent-living seniors in the area. And the Lind Bohanon Neighborhood Association helped to financially contribute from their Neighborhood Revitalization Program investment funds another $250,000 in 2007 to attract another affordable Commonbond resident community, Kingsley Commons, which is a unique and diverse home for 24 folks living with Multiple Sclerosis.

“People have been coming in from Isanti, NE Minneapolis, St. Louis Park and all over the suburbs because in large part they are looking for something affordable and close to downtown Minneapolis,” said Rivera. “People love that they are right across from Shingle Creek Parkway too.”

Parkside at Humboldt Greenway is located just minutes from downtown and next to many nearby schools including Jenny Lind Elementary, Olson Middle School, Kipp Academy and Patrick Henry High School. Other nearby walkable amenities include Creekview and Bohanon Parks; North Mississippi Regional Park with the Kroening Interpretive Center, wading pool and play area; connection to Webber Park with its natural filtration swimming pool; Victory Memorial Parkway; and the new Webber Park Library.

If you and/or a prospective home owner are interested in touring a model home at 4916 Humboldt, hours are Thursday-Friday noon-6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Or contact Sheri Rivera at 612-757-2700 or for an appointment. Find more info at