Father’s Day should be every day

Have fathers become invisible? I have heard some women say, “I am the mother and the father to my children.” Each has a different role and perspective. “Where have all the fathers gone.”

Fathers were important leads in family TV shows in the ‘50s. Today, fathers and men in general, have become blurred in roles and in function. Sometimes men are the brunt of a joke. We need a more visible role for fathers.

In 2008 Barack Obama said we should recognize and honor how critical fathers are to the foundation of family. They show themselves to be embracing responsibility, and showing respect for others. Father’s presence in the life of a child is priceless as they journey together. They add to the overall health of a child, giving a child confidence and competence in social skills. They increase the success of a child in education and enable good communication skills.

There is an old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” If one person falls, the other can pick them up. Another thought: “Father’s teach your children diligently,” right from wrong. We can teach our children and grandchildren the things that we have seen, heard and learned. We can sharpen their minds, giving them insight about our mistakes.

I learned faithfulness from my father. I knew by example. I knew what his stance was on many issues because of how he lived out his life before our eyes. He showed us how he lived.

I have two sons, one by birth and one by adoption. Meeting a woman for the first time, she said, “I know all your children, and you can tell they are all Skoglunds.” I did not have to tell her that my youngest comes from India. I watch him closely so that I might learn something about his birth mother and father.

Does the father of your child play an important role in the formation of your child’s life? Do you allow your child the best of all the resources available for their growth? In various family problems, say to parents about a wayward child, “don’t ask why the child is like this; ask why not?”

Give the gift of fatherhood to your child today. Spend time with them and enjoy them. When they are grown, they will not depart from the way they have been trained. What a great joy for me when each of my children call me “dad.” They all want to have dinner with me on Father’s Day! To all fathers…Happy Fathers Day!


Written by Dean Skoglund