Untitled poem by Destinee Foster

Then it hit me

A swelling in my chest as if I’d taken the first reviving breath after drowning

A catching in my throat- widening eyes

Heart trace that moved quickly


There’s something there


One single maddening hole right in between and below my collar bones

Fall into me


I feel my eyes roll back as I think of the past and that void only yearns for the future

These veins are on fire as my mind is ablaze for all of the sweet, untouchable things in which I desire


My whole world quakes

Just like seismic waves echoing from an oceans floor to its surface

Hands twitching as they tremble, ignoring the itch to reach out and take what’s mine

I want something


Something so passionately consuming and captivating, you wouldn’t see me for weeks

Though, you wouldn’t remember to pick up the phone until three Wednesdays later

Just to see if the hands on my clock are still ticking

Or the sand falling through my hourglass was still spilling…

I wonder and wander from the inside out until my soul is exhausted


But I started out restless



By Destinee Foster