May 2015 – Business Scoop

The Camden Business Association (CBA) has been uniting local businesses to strengthen the Camden Community since 1931. Visit a local business this week and tell us about your purchasing experience at! Like our FB page and check it often for meetings and upcoming events. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Questions? Message us on FB, contact or write to CBA, PO Box 11362, Minneapolis, MN  55411. Info: or 612-547-6507. CBA is proud to sponsor the Camden News business scoops to keep you informed of business news in Camden.

Host a Camden Business Association Meet and Greet at your business! It’s an excellent opportunity to promote and grow your business by connecting with other Camden business owners/employees. It’s easy — you provide the venue and we do the rest! Contact or 612-547-6507.

Minneapolis is trying to make the City a better place to start and grow a small business. Minneapolis: Business Made Simple is an effort to reduce barriers business owners face. This can mean simplifying some City rules or eliminating them altogether. Smart regulation that’s clear and easier to follow will help businesses with compliance, saving them and City staff time and money. Info: Highlights from the recommendations include:

Simplify and streamline: Develop simple checklists that will help small businesses understand and navigate City processes. Simplify license application requirements by determining whether some requirements can be narrowed or eliminated. Eliminate additional types of business licenses and consolidate others to simplify the application process.

Make things easier and faster: Shorten the timeline for City processes by requiring fewer items to have a two-month public hearing process before they can be approved and by creating a system that will allow multiple departments to review plans concurrently, instead of one at a time. Proactively provide guides to developers on design elements the City is looking for in building projects, rather than just reacting to submitted plans.

Improve coordination and eliminate inconsistency: Establish an interdepartmental work group at the City that will identify and resolve issues that are handled inconsistently within divisions and between departments.

Deliver better customer service and plan for continuous improvement: Develop and implement customer service training for relevant City staff. Create a work group with representatives from City departments and divisions to plan, coordinate and oversee continuous improvement in the City’s business development review, approvals and licensing process.

Know of a new business in Camden or one that’s offering new products or services? The Camden Community News loves to promote local businesses. Send the “scoop” to