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Can you write?


The Camden Community News is seeking a few folks to help write and cover the events, issues and people in Camden. The Camden News is a nonprofit newspaper written by and for people who live in Camden.  You won’t get paid for writing – but you will get some notoriety and build up your clip file!

Our mission has been the same since 1975: To build bridges, connect neighborhoods, encourage citizen participation, promote local events, people and businesses, and provide a forum for folks who care about the quality of life here in Camden. If you think you can help with this mission by writing for the Camden News let us know. To be considered send a couple samples of your writing to

Camden Minneapolis Community News

What is your Camden experience?

Have you lived in the Camden Community all your life? Have you just moved to Camden? Do you have a fun, anecdotal, positive story to tell about your experience living in Camden?

It’s been almost 10 years since we last asked folks what they like about living in the Camden Community – and we know there are lots of folks who’ve moved here since then. We’re looking for stories old and new! Send your story (500 words or less) to Include a photo if you want. Share your experience with all the other folks who live here!


    Was your property hit by the 2011 tornado? Did you lose a tree? It is pretty bare in the big path that the tornado took, but free trees are available to Northside residents. A program was launched following the 2011 tornado disaster and received initial funding from the Tree Trust Rob MacIntyre Fund. This fund was set up to honor the life of a great friend of Tree Trust who lost his life during clean-up following the tornado. Memorial contributions for MacIntyre and a generous anonymous family foundation have provided funding support for this program. This year Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Company is also providing funding for this program which will also help expand the free tree planting beyond the “tornado zone” to all of North Minneapolis.


By: Brianna DeVore 09/01/2014

    Every Thursday evening from mid-July to early October, The Warren’s parking lot plays host to local vendors and their wares. Located at 44th and Penn Avenue, the Camden Farmers Market provides a unique opportunity to connect with neighbors on shared interests while supporting local farmers and businesses. In addition, there is always something extra to be found on any given Thursday from 3-7 p.m.—free yoga classes provided by Embrace the Wobble Yoga, knit-ins, live music from local musicians, and healthy living cooking demonstrations, just some of the many extra offerings available. In its seventh year, the Camden Farmers Market was given special recognition via a visit from Mayor Betsy Hodges on July 17. Hodges chose the Camden Market as a city highlight in promotion of her 2014 Best Week of Bragging about Minneapolis campaign.


    A new transit-friendly site at 1001 Plymouth is part of a larger plan to expand Hennepin County Human Services access from a concentration of offices in downtown to six sites, spread across the county and closer to where residents live, work and attend school. Rather than taking time from work and school to make the trip downtown or Brooklyn Center, folks can integrate visits with their financial workers and other county staff into their everyday routines.


By: Barbara Bach 09/01/2014

    It had been 20 years since I lived in Minneapolis.  I was grieving the loss of friends and neighbors I’d left out East. Then memories returned fond recollections of the place I grew up. I’d like to share a few of them with you from time to time.


   In late August/early September, Minneapolis Public Works should begin construction of a permanent concrete median at the intersection of 44th/Penn/Osseo Road to replace the yellow bollards that have served as a temporary median for nearly a year. In addition, curbing will be replaced and realigned, narrowing the north leg of Penn Ave (near the Housing Resource Center) and redirecting the exit from the alley behind Victory 44. Lastly, overhead traffic signals will be installed at 44th and Penn and crosswalks will be marked there as well as across Osseo Road from the ViNA office to The Warren. The work is expected to take one and a half to two months.



    Brighten the day of a Camden senior citizen and have some fun. Hang out with an elder on a regular basis and do things that you both enjoy. Work with a partner and take turns visiting. Families welcome; youth must be age 12 or older and accompanied by an adult. Exact location TBD, depends upon where the senior resides. A variety of one-time or ongoing unpaid volunteer opportunities are available. Contact Jeanne at or 612-746-8549, or go to 


   Thanks to all of you who have donated to the Camden News in the past — we appreciate your support. You know that newspapers around the country are failing due to decreased advertising revenue.

   It’s very likely that someday the Camden Newswill be an on-line only newspaper. But the Camden Community has a disproportionate amount of seniors and low income residents who still don’t have a computer or Internet access. As one long-time Camden resident says, “I enjoy the paper…I hope you never stop publishing. I and many of my friends do not have a computer, so where would we get our local news?”


Behind the Victory Flagpole &ndash A journey in time through the Camden area of Minneapolis is a heartwarming book of stories written and shared through the eyes of Barbara Meyer Bistodeau and guest writers printed in the Camden Community News over the past eight years.


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