Perkins Hill Pump Track is open!

On July 13 the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) held a grand opening celebration for the new pump track at Perkins Hill Park, 300 34th Ave. N. in the McKinley Park neighborhood. Also known as an all-wheel park or bike training course, the track is the first of its kind in the Minneapolis Park system.

About the Perkins Hill Pump Track: Also known as an all-wheel park or bike training course, a pump track features circuits of banked turns, mounds and other features. People of all ages and abilities can ride on the track with any type of bike, scooter skateboard or glider.

While novices use them to build skills, pump tracks are also a challenging workout for advanced riders, who skip pedaling and maintain momentum with upper- and lower-body pumping motions.

Guidelines for use: Take care of yourself and others; wear a helmet; be courteous to others; learn more about riding on a pump track by checking

Help take care of the track: Enter only at the concrete area with a “trailhead” sign. Do not walk or ride on the slopes around the track, where native plant seeds and seedlings are growing. When established, these plants will prevent erosion, and help keep the track in good shape.

Sample videos (at for riders big and small include: Kids on Pump Track; Pumptracks and Bike Parks: Why They’re Awesome for Kids; Beginner Pump Track Basics; and How To Ride a Pump Track.