Northside riverfront trail to connect Ole Olson Park and 26th Avenue North Overlook

An illustration used as an early funding tool shows a potential layout for a new trail connection on the North Minneapolis riverfront.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has plans for a new trail that will connect Ole Olson Park and the 26th Avenue North Overlook!

This long-anticipated 1,000-foot trail connection will extend a popular riverfront regional trail past the north terminus of West River Road and create new riverside experiences on the Northside. It also will connect the 26th Avenue North Overlook, which opened last May, to the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, the 51-mile continuous bike/walk trail that encircles most of Minneapolis.

Ole Olson Park and the 26th Avenue North Overlook offer great views of the Mississippi River from atop the river bluff. This new trail will travel across the bluff along the river’s edge and open up new park areas that are currently inaccessible. Construction is expected to start this year and the new trail is expected to open in 2023.

New river access created by the trail project might be used for picnicking, fishing, launching a canoe or kayak, or just taking in the river and skyline views. The MRPB is asking for community feedback to help identify and prioritize potential riverfront experiences that could be developed through this project. There are several ways to get involved over the next several months.

*The first public meeting for the project was scheduled for February 24. It was an online meeting with a presentation and time for questions and feedback. The presentation was recorded and will be posted online after the meeting. Find the project site at

*Public comment form. An online public comment form is available to collect general feedback on the project. Find the form at

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*Email updates: Visit the project page at and enter your email into the “subscribe to email updates” box at the top of the page to receive regular updates on the project. There’s also additional background information and documents posted on the project page. Share the project page with anyone who may be interested using the link

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