Be safe with your car

As we wrap up another holiday season and put the holiday decorations away, we prepare for another cold winter.  We still need to be mindful that just because we are starting  winter does not mean we cannot be victims of crime. While there is always a chance you will be the victim of a crime, that chance can increase during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay safe and help the Minneapolis Police prevent crime.

Do not warm up your vehicle

It’s common for people to warm up their vehicle in front of their homes, or in their driveway during the winter. If you warm up your vehicle unattended, a passing auto thief may just hop in and steal your vehicle. Even if you stay in your vehicle and let it warm up you still can be a victim of a carjacking.  To prevent this, refrain from doing this altogether when you are ready to leave, just get in your vehicle and go.  Don’t give anyone an opportunity to take advantage of your absence, or complacency.  In addition, never leave your vehicle running in your garage with the garage door closed! Having the engine running in a closed area can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lock your doors Lock all the doors of your vehicle and home, including the garage door. Any opening is an invitation for crime. T