Pet Resource Center supports families so they can keep their pets

An interview with Shannon Glenn, By Amanda Dobbs

What’s North Minneapolis Pet Resource Center’s (NMPRC) origin story?

After meeting with community members at farmers markets and other events – we were able to create a list of services that community members need when it comes to their pets. Access to low-cost vet care, quality food and supplies, training and general support were the top priorities of those we surveyed. I also looked at data from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control and discovered that zip codes 55411 and 55412 pet loving families had more interactions with Animal Control due to owner surrenders and officer calls in the field. Our hope is to support families from the community so that they can keep their pets at home. We know that healthy pets and the relationship they have with their humans are lifesaving and can also lead to longer lifespans for humans.

Can you share some challenges and successes?

I’d consider it a success that we’re able to build trust really quickly with community members. We were able to operate a humane and pet supply distribution center after the murder of George Floyd – thanks to generous support of community members that volunteered with us and also visited us for supplies. Our community pet clinics are successful – we’re able to see 100+ pets to ensure that they have annual vaccinations, preventative and wellness exams at a very low cost to community members.

I think the construction on 44th has really hindered us this summer/fall. We’re a strange nonprofit, we don’t intake animals because we have a focus on keeping people and their pets together – so finding grant funding can be difficult. We’re 100% volunteer-run organization and are facing a crossroad where we need to consider hiring staff – but it’s all funding contingent.

How can the community support NMPRC?

Funding and volunteers continue to be our biggest needs. We’re always looking for donations of unopened and non-expired pet food and supplies. We know your pets are family and are here to offer support if you ever need it. We understand that times are tough and that pets make a huge positive impact to our lives. We love meeting you and getting to know your pets!