City asks public for ideas on redistricting

The City of Minneapolis is calling on residents to submit proposals for new City Council and Park & Recreation Board districts. There’s now an online redistricting mapping tool that lets users create proposed political boundaries based on the latest census data.

The mapping tool is among the resources available at It lets anyone draft ward and park district maps and evaluate the impact those potential boundaries would have on different communities. People can also view the current political boundaries established by the last redistricting and see where the city’s population has grown and shifted over the past 10 years. Any redistricting maps created using the tool can be submitted for consideration and public comment.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years to provide equal representation for everyone living in Minneapolis. The goal is to make the 13 wards and six park districts as equal in population as possible, while recognizing communities of interest.

Proposed maps and comments will be reviewed by the Redistricting Group, composed of community advisors and the Minneapolis Charter Commission, which will approve final redistricting maps in 2022. Public input to the proposed maps is critical to make sure all residents have a voice in local government by the Minneapolis City Council and the Park & Recreation Board.

The Redistricting Group’s initial draft map will be presented during a public hearing at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17. You can watch that hearing on the City’s website. Anyone wishing to speak must register online. Three additional public hearings are planned for late this year and in early 2022.