This is nuts, time for serious change

Was out on my back deck a couple weeks ago doing what I love to do when our evening weather is pleasant here in Minneapolis, hanging out with a couple bug candles, a tasty beverage and my guitar doing my best to strum out my favorite tunes. And there I sat…….. me… guitar….and the 7 to 12 gunshots I heard off in the distance across my neighborhood of 20 years as an accompaniment. 

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs we’re dealing with here in our city, and I place the entire blame on our current city leadership. Our rep here in Ward 4, Philippe Cunningham, is an activist without a plan. Now that crime is out of control and necks are on the line, he attempts to lay blame on Mayor Frey for inaction with regards to the increased violence in our city. I get this impression after having read a story from Fox 9 of Facebook posts exchanged between Cunningham and Mayor Frey. For some context, I recommend my neighbors read the story on the Fox 9 KMSP website “Minneapolis leaders air frustrations over recent crime, residents just want action” published May 8.    

For those who may disagree with my take, understand that Minneapolis has what’s called a “weak mayor” system. Which basically means the city council’s legislative and administrative power overshadows that of the mayor. Google it. Our council has the power, not the mayor, and it’s the council who needs to create and implement a plan to dig us out of this hole. Full disclosure….I’m not a fan of Mayor Frey either. All I want is to see some peace and common sense return to this city, with no more gunfire disturbing my bad guitar playing, and please,, no more children being senselessly killed. This is nuts, it’s time for serious change.

It’s our current city counsel that’s been pushing to de-fund our police and thereby, in my opinion, opened this can of worms which has only emboldened criminals and given carte blanche to those who don’t wish to follow common decency. I suggest that the council members slap on some boots, get out into the streets, and feel what it’s like to walk in the shoes of our MPD for a change. Good luck to you.

Jeff Bowback,