Peace walk to end Northside violence

: Over 100 people joined in the May 30 peace walk protesting the string of shootings involving children.

This article was written by Connor Cummiskey

Over 100 people gathered near the Quick Stop at the intersection of North Penn Avenue and North 36th Avenue on May 30 to protest a string of shootings that struck children in North Minneapolis.

The crowd followed trucks carrying speakers who led walk participants in chants. They walked east on North 36th Avenue and turned south on North Morgan Avenue.

A moment of silence was observed at the intersection of North 35th Avenue and North Morgan Avenue.

Walkers continued south until they turned west on North 33rd Avenue until heading south on  Penn Avenue.

The procession stopped again in the intersection of North Penn and North Lowry Avenues where several speakers addressed the crowd.

Eventually the walk moved along Lowry Avenue to North Memorial Hospital and finished at Manor Park, where food was served.