Thank you Dr. Fetzer

Dr. Fetzer (left) and Donna Seline.

We’ve learned that Dr. Fetzer from Camden Pet Hospital has now retired! This is a big loss to our community, but we’re certain those who will succeed her will continue the good work the clinic has provided to our community for decades.

My first encounter with Dr. Fetzer was when I owned Nika, a big 84 pound mutt. He hated getting lifted up on that cold slippery counter and when Dr. Fetzer came into the room, she asked “How’s Nika?” I responded how he hated the counter. She said, “Well, let’s get down to his level then” as she sat down on the floor and examined him there. She did that for the rest of his life! He used to hate to go to the vet but after that he’d be wagging his tail at folks coming into the clinic and never hesitated to go to the vet again.

Keegan was the next pup who got Dr. Fetzer’s care. He was the cutest puppy, but he had been born with a missing eye. And as he grew, other issues would crop up, like seizures, going blind and finally needing the other eye removed. He was a favorite at the clinic as he was always happy, in spite of all his problems. In spite of his vision problems, he never missed a step and he was a wonderful example to children on how one can adapt in spite of handicaps. He outlived all three of the other healthy dogs in my life getting to 13 years old. When he was gone, Dr. Fetzer talked about how much she had learned from him about animals with disabilities.

Our pets are family and it’s been so nice to have a vet who cares about our animals as much as we do. We’ll miss you Dr. Fetzer, but wish you a happy retirement. You should feel proud about the good work you’ve done here in Camden. Now … as soon as travel opens up again, get on a plane and take all those trips we talked about over the years!

Donna Seline,