Music immersion school opening next fall

There is a new one-of-a-kind school opening next fall in the Camden Community at 4021 Thomas. The Minneapolis School of New Music  (MSNM) is a tuition-free charter public school for grades 6-8 that will provide opportunity, access and motivation through music-immersion education to kids on the Northside and surrounding areas. Enrollment is currently open for the fall 2021-22 school year. 

The core academic classes will be steeped in music. All students will receive individual music lessons and learn to create and record original music. MSNM will create a school culture where kids are allowed to explore their creativity while learning a college-prep, liberal arts course of study. Students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to collaborate with peers and adult mentors. They will also have the flexibility of steering their studies through project-driven learning.

Kids will receive free music lessons, studio training, and unlimited access to opportunities in music and the Arts. MSNM will host artist residencies with prominent musicians from Minneapolis and St. Paul who will work with students as mentors. There is not another school in Minnesota like MSNM that focuses on composing new music, the recording arts, and learning a musical discipline. Students may choose to focus on singing, rapping, deejaying, electronic music, guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, violin, cello, brass instruments, woodwinds, and more.

The planning of this new school started in 2016 with Executive Director and founder Bart Johnson, a longtime educator and administrator who has worked with many charter schools. The MSNM has many community partners, including Slam Academy, Music Lab, Izotope, Blue Tree Music, High School for the Recording Arts & Studio 4, Hopewell Music and the Capri Theater.

The mission of the school states the following: With acquired knowledge, skill, creativity, and an artful approach, students will make new music, share ideas, and develop strong relationships that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Music is a part of everyone; it is fundamental to human culture. Music creates deep connections between people. The Minneapolis School of New Music seeks to cultivate, honor, and nurture the spirit of music in the lives of young people.

Get info at or 612-219-1364.