Did you really say that?

Before the cold weather set in, my husband and I took the time to take a walk along the Mississippi River in Downtown Minneapolis.  The temperature was moderate, but it was a breezy day and the wind coming off the River was chilly. Stay with me – this is relevant…

As we walked, I noticed a couple walking with a baby in one of those chest pouches. The baby’s head was not covered, and I thought it was too chilly for that. (I was a parent when newborns always needed to have their heads covered because most of a baby’s heat loss is from the top of the head.)  Fortunately, they were on the other side of the street and I was on a mission to find ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream – I don’t understand why a small cup of ice cream will cost $3-$5, but when it becomes gelato, the price doubles! 

Back to our walk, we found a place that sold gelato and had a small cup. It was delicious, and provided the fuel that I needed for the trek we had back to our vehicle.

When we got to the Hennepin Ave Bridge, we found that same couple walking towards us on the same side of the street. I realized as we got closer that the baby was well heated snuggled up against daddy’s chest. Good thing I didn’t have to give them the grandma lecture.

So, I have found a nice way to congratulate new parents in public is to say, “Oh my – what aisle did you find that in?” or in this situation, it was, “Oh my – that’s adorable. Where did you get it?,” said with a big smile. The baby’s mother was ready with an answer. She said she just walked into the hospital and they let her take this baby home. Funny lady!!

The real punch line is that when the father made a comment, I actually looked at him and realized he is a Minneapolis elected official. I acknowledged that I recognized him by using his title, and he very nicely came back with his first name. 

Thank goodness I didn’t accost this couple about their hatless baby. One of those rare times when I didn’t say that, and it had a very happy ending for me!