Baby its cold outside! Energy Assistance help is available

The Minnesota Department of Commerce and Minnesota Public Utilities Commission remind you about two sources to help if your home heating costs are unaffordable — the Energy Assistance Program and Cold Weather Rule.

“No Minnesotan should be without heat in their own home,” said Minnesota Commerce Department Temporary Commissioner Grace Arnold. “The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program is available to help Minnesotans pay for home heating costs, furnace repairs and fuel delivery to ensure our neighbors stay warm and safe.”

“The Cold Weather Rule is a critically important law that ensures Minnesotans don’t have their primary source of heat cut off in the cold winter months,” said Public Utilities Commission Chair Katie Sieben. “If you are having difficulties working with your utilities, contact the Commission’s Consumer Affairs Office for assistance with Cold Weather Rule protections.”

Energy Assistance Program: To get help, call 800-657-3710 and press 1, visit the Commerce Department’s Energy Assistance Program webpage or search for “energy assistance” at for energy assistance information.