October Capri construction and programming updates

The Capri plaza, nearing completion, will be a nice space to enjoy Minnesota’s outdoor seasons, community events, performances and more.

Construction continues on all the finishing touches at the new Capri, including the installation of new auditorium seating, carpet, paint, tile, doors, a new security system, and lighted signage at the entrances of the Capri auditorium and Paradise Community Hall.  The final piece of the construction puzzle, the new Capri marquee, will be installed in November.

The Capri’s outdoor plaza on the west and 23rd Avenue sides of the building is also taking shape. “The Capri plaza will be a beautiful place for performances and community events, and for everyone to enjoy Minnesota’s outdoor seasons,” said Capri Director James Scott. 

The plaza will be well-lit, with benches, tables, trees and a small amphitheater-type space outside the Capri Stage Door entrance. “We also envision food trucks parked on the streets adjacent to the plaza – another important and flavorful amenity for all,” said Scott.

Planning for Capri tours and a legendary Dennis Spears virtual extravaganza continue as well. Tours, slated to begin in November, will be safely conducted according to COVID safety standards. Spears’ virtual holiday event will be a must-see for anyone who’s been waiting to see him, along with several celebrated Legends artists, performing in the new space. “We are coming back, bigger and better than ever,” said Spears. 

More info on renting space at the new Capri is at thecapritheater.org, or contact Kevin West at 612-643-2039 or kwest@pcyc-mpls.org. Capri exterior construction can be viewed in progress, live, at any time at https://tinyurl.com/CapriConstructionLive2.