How to register to vote and apply for a mail-in/absentee ballot

This article was written by Kristel Porter

There seems to be a lot of information around voting by mail right now, and it all seems so confusing to everyone. I’m worried that we are going to get to the point where we have information overload and everyone is going to start shutting down– reboot, reboot–we need you! I submitted this info because I am very worried that we are going to see a low voter turnout this year and I want everyone to have their voices heard. So I decided to go through the online voter registration and absentee ballot process. So here we go!

Things you will need to have:

  • Drivers License or State ID or last four digits of your Social Security Number (and if you don’t know call Mom or get your butt down to 1811 Chicago Ave #2, Minneapolis and apply ASAP).
  • Email address (If you don’t have one, get one–I recommend gmail–it’s very universal)
  • Your birthdate (I hope you know this one)
  • Your full name (Come on! You better know this one)

Things you’ll need to know:

  • Are you on probation or parole for a felony conviction? You can’t register. 

(If you don’t like this, and you consider this disenfranchisement, we could all use your voice around the capitol sometime)

  • Will you be 18 years old by November 3 2020? You can register.

(Congratulations, you’re an adult, now you get to go to work cuz you have to, and do your civic duty by voting!)

  • Do you have your U.S. Citizenship (are you a citizen of the United State)? You can register

Now that you have everything, go to then click > Register 

(I mean all the facebook and instagram scrolling you have already accomplished today alone, you can surely take a few short minutes to make history!)

Once you get done with registering, you will get to request an Absentee Ballot Application Click it!

Fill that out and you should receive your ballot in the mail within 2-3 days. Once you receive your ballot, fill it out carefully and send it back in the mail right away (really you can just go outside with a pen, open it, fill it out and put it right back in that box (wear a hat and gloves, the weather will be a little different by November 3.

Remember: You will need a stamp. If you absolutely need a stamp and cannot get one, email and we will do everything we can to get you one!

If you think this is all too much, just promise that you will shake your tail feather on down to the polls on Tuesday, November 3 (with your most stylish mask), and GO VOTE!