Packed House Live

Local Camden entrepreneur Ricardo Collins recently launched a Go Fund Me for seed funding of an innovative social media platform. The company, Packed House Live, a minority and women owned biz, will help brands of any size monetize their digital content direct to consumers, giving 80% of all profit to the content creators.

In March, COVID-19 caused a global pandemic and unemployment skyrocketed all over the country. This left Ricardo Collins laid off from his job as head of Marketing & Production under Floyd Mayweather’s company The Money Team. During the quarantine Ricardo decided to go on a haircut fast (from March 15 until his birthday July 29), while he began building a long time dream he’s had since high school — to become a Tech CEO. Working in the entertainment industry with A-list clients like Floyd Mayweather (boxing legend) and Eric Thomas (#1 motivational speaker in the world) for over four years gave Collins a unique perspective on how to independently leverage brand, content and audience to create big paydays.

Collins says, “The social media industry has been notorious for under paying content creators on their platforms and Packed House Live (PHL) is on a mission to change the narrative by helping brands realize the power they have independently, give them control over their content, finances and their career. Historically creatives always get the short end of the stick when it comes to monetizing the work they create. Music artists, filmmakers, comedians, athletes, influencers etc. You are a brand, you create amazing content, you built your following, so you deserve to make the most money. Right?”

Video streaming was on the rise even before the pandemic. The global video streaming market size was valued at $42.6B in 2019 and is projected to reach $149.3B by 2026; 57% of Americans pay for streaming; 51% of American streamers have Netflix.

The pandemic has created a world where streaming is more popular than ever because people are home, they want to be entertained, and they want to stay a safe distance away from the virus. Packed House Live is building a platform for fans to interact, support and connect with their favorite content from the safety of their mobile device or computer. The PHL team believes the content streaming strategy that has been so successful with companies like Netflix, Hulu and OnlyFans will also be very profitable for content creators on social media who want an opportunity to make the lion share of their brands revenue.

Packed House Live can help you plan, coordinate, produce and promote your next virtual event. Visit or