Capri construction complete in October, Plans for autumn evolving

Aerial view of the Capri from 23rd Avenue featuring the 20,000 square foot wrap-around addition on the west and south sides of the original building. Photo by Steven Bergerson.

After nearly 11 years in the making, the expansion and renovation of the Capri Theater will be completed in October. The project includes renovation of the 250-seat main auditorium, a new 125-seat Paradise Community Hall, classroom, rehearsal and meeting space, and a Best Buy Teen Tech Center, all in the heart of North Minneapolis.   

“Though we face many operational uncertainties, we are thrilled to mark the end of the construction phase and the beginning of the “Welcome to the Capri” phase this fall,” said Capri Director James Scott.

While plans for a big grand opening are on hold due to COVID, various avenues to introduce the new Capri to the community are in the works. Capri programming considerations include virtual Legends concerts and First Thursday Films @ the Capriscreenings, Capri Glee! Zoom Choir,Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra collaborations, in-person and virtual tours of the space, and more.

Capri rental spaces will also be available this fall as COVID considerations allow. “We won’t know exactly what “open” will look like, but be assured that the safety and comfort of our audiences and clients is at the center of every decision we make as we move forward,” said James Scott. 

Individuals, organizations and businesses who are interested in renting space at the Capri are encouraged to call and learn what might be possible under “new normal” conditions. Direct inquiries to Kevin West, 612-643-2039.

Watch for ways to Be @ the Capri this fall at and the Capri Facebook page. You’ll also find a construction video tour on the Capri website, and can see Capri exterior construction in progress, live, at any time at