Enjoy your July 4th holiday and summer fun safely

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many cities and towns have decided to cancel their traditional Fourth of July Celebrations. This however should not deter you from enjoying your summer and the 4th of July with your family. The 4th of July this year is on a weekend which means you could make a long weekend of it and still enjoy it by exploring the great outdoors. For some, one of the best ways to enjoy some summer fun is to go camping with your family. What a better way to celebrate our country’s independence than to enjoy it at a campground, and depending where you camp you might still get to see some of the traditional 4th of July festivities.

Should you be concerned about crime when you’re traveling to new places and meeting new people? It is ok to be concerned when visiting a new or unfamiliar place, you may not feel as comfortable and safe as you would at home.

Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to help protect yourself from crime whether you are camping in a RV or the traditional tent.

Lock your doors, close your tent

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t see the need to lock their RV doors, or close up their tent.

You may think that the campground you’re staying in is much too nice for theft. Or, maybe you are just stepping out of your camper to run to the restroom or stop by the campsite office.

Whatever the reason, don’t leave your RV’s doors unlocked, especially if you’re not inside. Many burglaries are simply crimes of convenience – if a thief notices that your door is unlocked, or your tent is open they might just take the opportunity to help themselves to your belongings.

If you’ve locked up, they’ll have to risk breaking in and causing a scene. In many cases, they probably won’t bother.

Locking your doors will help deter anyone who might be looking to take advantage of the relaxed camping atmosphere.

If you are in a tent, I recommend keeping your valuables locked up in your vehicle.

Take a second to close your blinds

Along with locking your doors, take a moment to close your blinds and shades before you leave. This prevents a passerby from peeping into your windows to case out your property for later theft.

This also helps keep your cabinetry and fabrics from fading in the sun – so no reason not to try it!

It takes just a little extra effort, but it’s worth it. Don’t let your camper be open and accessible to potential criminals.

Find a visible, well-lit site

You don’t have to accept the space you’ve been assigned if you don’t feel right about it. If you drive to your spot and discover that it’s unlit, or far off the beaten path, go back and ask for a new space. Campgrounds are usually very accommodating and should be able to find you a more suitable site.

The best sites are in the heart of the campground, with good lighting and easy access to other campers or staff.

Keeping yourself visible among your neighbors will help protect your RV from being burglarized because thieves are more likely to target vehicles that are away from prying eyes.

Limit valuables

Another way to protect your RV or tent from crime is to limit the number of valuables you bring along with you. Unplug, or sure bring your cell phone, but as far as the other electronics leave them at home. Don’t bring too much high-value stuff.

There’s really no reason to bring things like jewelry or laptops. Even if you feel uncomfortable leaving them behind at home, it’s probably more secure than your RV or tent.

Put your equipment away

It’s common for people to leave their camping chairs and picnic items outside on their campsite, but we don’t recommend it. Bring everything inside or stow them securely in your outdoor compartments when you’re not using it. Especially food items — trust me you don’t want to feed any wild animals.

Travel safely wherever you go

These tips can help protect your tent or RV from crime. Taking these extra steps can make a world of difference in protecting your property and valuables.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend.