Police warn of COVID-19 scams that target a weary public

The City of Minneapolis is warning residents of coronavirus-related scams that target an already fragile population.

Some scammers claim to be from medical organizations that have a COVID-19 vaccination, or test kits and require over-the-phone payments to reserve a dose. Currently, there is no vaccine for the virus. The only reputable testing is being done through trained medical personnel. If you feel you might have symptoms do not go to your primary physician. Call ahead and explain your symptoms and your primary clinic will give you directions on how to proceed with how to get tested.

Police say not to click on pop-ups or links from sources that you do not recognize that contain information about the COVID-19 virus, this is probably a phishing scam.

Additionally, police say to avoid charity scams that claim to help COVID-19 victims and their families, or investment schemes involving research for the development of a vaccination.

Police also say to be leery of phone calls offering special deals to senior citizens to clean and sanitize their homes and require a pre-payment over the phone.

If you feel that you have been a victim of a COVID-19 scam, call 911. Additionally, most online scams involve payment with prepaid debt card or bitcoin payment, and PayPal has been known to be used in scams. Remember, any reputable organization or person will allow you to pay with a legitimate credit card, but use caution when doing this as well, and make sure you know who you are talking to and what you are paying for.