Safety during the New Year

Here is a list of safety tips to keep people safe and prevent crime over the New Year Holiday.

Getting there – Going out to celebrate, leave for your destination in plenty of time to avoid speeding or dangerous driving. Comply with police directions — remember their objective is to keep people safe and prevent crime. Use public transportation whenever possible.

Crime can increase – Particularly crowded places and late night public transportation hubs such as bus shelters and train stations can welcome the criminal element – look after your personal possessions. Do not carry more than is needed. Check that you have left your vehicle locked and do not leave valuables in plain view. Take care parking — avoid parking in not well lit areas.

Pedestrian safety – With the increased number of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets police remind people to take care when using mobile phones when crossing roads — a number of deaths and serious injuries are caused by lack of attention each year.

Drunk driving – police will be very vigilant concerning offences such as use of mobile phones — remember the hands-free law will be in effect. Drunk driving arrests usually increase this time of year. Law enforcement advises take public transportation and do not to get into vehicles with a drunk driver. Be safe!

Alcohol – Enjoy yourself but pace yourself with drinking water before you go out and during the night as it will reduce the effects of alcohol on your body. A meal before you go out and snacks between drinks can help slow down the absorption of alcohol, intoxication limits inhibitions making it easier to make bad decisions and not be fully aware of your surroundings. 

Security of businesses and places of late night entertainment

  • When closing up your business late at night keep a lookout that you are not being watched.
  • When transporting cash, if the amounts are high, whatever the distance, the cash should be carried by a group of two or three staff members distributed between them.
  • Cash transportation times should be varied and routes varied as well.
  • Don’t put staff at risk.