Congratulations to Cathy Spann

The community congratulates Cathy Spann, E.D of Jordan Area Community Council, on receiving the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Census Grant to promote the 2020 U.S. Census in our community!

She worked tirelessly on preparing for the grant, in hopes to strengthen the Jordan community, and the entire Northside. In the end, her passion was recognized and her program was awarded to be one of the recipients. This is huge and very well deserved. We all know Cathy is the very definition of “dynamite” and her resiliency and love for the community is the cornerstone of her mission and sleepless nights. Through this grant, she will work hard to identify ways to uplift the community at greater lengths than before.

Additionally, Cathy was just awarded the Hennepin County Lead Hazard Reduction Grant. Reducing exposure to lead is critical to our health, especially for the vulnerable populations (i.e. infants and seniors). Lead poising affects our nervous system, brain, speech development and increases the risk of developing asthma. The most common exposure comes from lead paint and window seals in older homes. This grant helps residents reduce their lead exposure by assisting with home inspections and renovation repairs. Living in a healthy, hazardous-free home is something everyone deserves!

When you run into Cathy, congratulate her and thank her for her dedication to the Northside. She works non-stop, and diversifies her skillset to address every disparity that’s facing our community.