Summer is over – but not swimming –  Olson Pool is open



Volunteers from Shingle Creek neighborhood (SCNA) have been meeting and talking about all of our local community assets. How we can work to promote them more and if there are gaps, how to fill the gaps. One of those missing gaps was that Shingle Creek neighborhood has a tremendous asset that was greatly underutilized and under publicized: The Olson pool.


Many long-time residents remember learning how to swim at that pool. How community would come together on a Saturday or evening for open swim nights or sessions. Yet since being renovated several years ago, the pool has been underutilized by the community chiefly due to the lack of lifeguards to staff it. The SCNA Create Community Committee helped raise awareness of this issue and for the first time in several years Shingle Creek and Camden Community residents are able to use the pool. It’s a limited schedule at this point that will only grow with use.


The Minneapolis Community Education program has been working to train lifeguards for the Phillips pool program and has been fortunate enough to train enough to be able to help staff the Olson Pool too.


Pass the word on to friends and family to take advantage of this tremendous community asset. If you have questions or to register for the classes go to or contact Silvia at 612-668-3095.