It’s the law – leash that pup!



There are a lot of dogs living in Camden! And for the most part, I’ve noticed that folks are respectful of the City ordinance that requires dogs to be on a leash.



Things can go horribly wrong when dogs are not under control. So, when I recently noticed a woman “walking” her two dogs in Folwell, off leash and running at will sometimes hundreds of yards away from their owner, I went over to have a neighborly chat. Sure enough, she was from out of town and seemed unclear on the City of Minneapolis leash laws.


She was using E-collars on both her dogs. An E-collar is described as a “remote dog training system that usually consists of a wireless remote and a wireless receiver. E-collars allow you to remotely send signals to your dog to help them understand “good behavior” and “bad behavior.”


We discussed whether these devices could be defined as a “leash.” So, I said I would call Animal Control because, from what I had observed, this did not seem like an effective method for safely handling your dog when out in public. One that would qualify as having your pet under control.


A leash is a leash

The City operator confirmed for me that the City ordinance did not recognize E-collars. Dogs need to be on an actual leash (City Ordinance 64.80). One that you can see!


For other pooch-related questions, Animal Control can be reached at 612-673-6222.