Calling all Webber-Camden/Northside youth!



The Webber-Camden Youth Center (WCYC) will have an official grand opening from 5-8 p.m. on October 29 at 4350 Fremont. The youth center, which is free to all youth ages 12-19, has been open since May on Tuesdays, and is hosted by the four-person Teen Tech Squad from Hennepin County Library. The Teen Tech Squad will be present at the grand opening and has activities planned that will introduce youth to the instruments and recording equipment available at the center.

Webber-Camden and the Northside have historically been deprived of key educational resources compared to the rest of the city. Music education and recording technology is difficult for Northside teens to access. Before the creation of the WCYC, the closest tech center to the neighborhood was 30 minutes away via public transportation. As such, in order to increase opportunity in this area, Hopewell Music Cooperative North has partnered with North United Methodist Church to create the WCYC at 4350 Fremont.

The WCYC currently provides access to two state-of-the-art Apple computers, music software such as GarageBand and Pro Tools, an electric bass and guitars, a keyboard and piano, and audio recording equipment. The Teen Tech Squad, along with Hopewell instructors, will assist teens with equipment and instruments, and WCYC intends to add after school homework help to its list of resources for teens in the near future. Also, snacks are provided regularly, as the WCYC is meant to be a productive space where youth can hang out after school, record their music, and complete homework. If you are a youth (or know one) who is interested in recording your own music, the WCYC can provide a space and professional-grade equipment for that.