Biz Scoops

5 Star Hair Salon is re-locating – and staying in the community! It is always a positive sign when people want to invest their time and money into the community they live in. Kay Khang came to the USA via California as a 14-year-old girl, and came to Minnesota as a young bride with her new husband. She had a strong interest hair dressing and the beauty industry and wanted her own business. She’s been operating a successful salon at 1501 Lowry Ave for five years but wanted to find a new location. With hard work and thoughtful determination she purchased the property at 37th and Fremont (1220 37th Ave.). The building, owned by Pillsbury, hadn’t been occupied for many years. Kay will continue to offer a wide range of excellent services and products – and is hoping her loyal customers, along with new customers, continue with her at the new location. Thanks Kay, for standing with us to make the Camden Community renew itself now and into the future. Find info on Facebook and call 763-528-0749 for an appointment.


Holy Shih Tzu! You had a baby! Congratulations! Now what? Having a baby is hard. Bringing a baby home is even harder, especially when you are not surrounded by a cadre of 1950’s stay-at-home moms at your beck and call. Help is on the way, friends. Everyone exhale. Here comes: After The Baby Bump.

Rachel Kurtz and Kelley Larson are best friends, working moms, and longtime Minneapolis musicians, and as of October 1, they’re bringing the magic of care and community into the homes of parents of newborns with their joint endeavor, After the Baby Bump Postpartum Care. Parenting is relentless, and they want to walk beside you in those first precious and exhausting weeks. For a two-hour visit once a week for the first six after baby comes, Kurtz and Kelley swoop into your home to cook, clean, do your laundry, hold your hand, talk, rub your back, take photos and videos, hold the baby while you shower…you name it! A new parent’s dream come true.

Moms to three kiddos each, Kurtz and Kelley know from experience that every birth, baby, and family is different, and they take an inclusive and individualized approach to supporting parents of all backgrounds and walks of life. Before baby comes, a family consultation lays the groundwork for a tailored and effective relationship postpartum, and you can expect flexibility and responsiveness to your family’s needs as the weeks go by.

Knowing our busy, sometimes aloof culture often leaves parents— especially new parents — isolated. Kurtz and Kelley want to infuse your life with the support, care, compassion, humor, and kindness they’ve been so fortunate to experience in this time of need and vulnerability. Info:,, 203-555-0100 or 612-460-0682.


Goddess of Glass and Friends at 44th and Osseo Rd. has closed. After a couple snafus on finding a new location, owner Connie Beckers has said it’s time to retire! She’s renting space now at Gethsemane Lutheran Church for classes thru the end of the year and plans to retire after that. But she might still be teaching classes into the future. We don’t think she’ll really ever stop working! Check out