PLANT MORE TREES program available to Northside residents

The PLANT MORE TREES program is part of an effort to reforest North Minneapolis following the devastation of the 2011 tornado. Trees will be planted at Northside home sites on a specified date this fall courtesy of Tree Trust and Autonomous Collective volunteers. An estimated 250 trees will be made available to North Minneapolis residents.

Benefits of planting trees
Aside from the sheer beauty and majesty that trees add to your immediate environment, trees work hard on our behalf. They absorb odors and pollution, filtering particles out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Trees create shade for our homes and surrounding streets, breaking up urban “heat islands” by releasing water vapor to keep us cool. They provide critical habitat for birds and other wildlife. And a well-planted property can raise the value of your home!

How to sign up
You can sign up for the program in a number of ways: Complete the online form at; or call the Tree Trust offices at 952-767-3886; or email

Tree Trust Director of Community Forestry Karen Zumach said that while they are not anticipating any significant changes to the 2019 program, this year they are asking folks to pay what they can, although payment is not required. Every dollar added to the program helps to get more trees in the ground.

How the program works
The only requirement to qualify for the program is to live in North Minneapolis. If you are not the home owner, Tree Trust needs your landlord’s written permission to plant a tree on their property.
After you apply for the program, a time will be set up for an at-home consultation to help you select the best location for your tree as well as provide information on care after planting.*
Finally, your tree is delivered to your home and will be planted by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

*Reminder – if you are planning on taking advantage of this wonderful program, Minneapolis residents and property owners cannot plant trees on their boulevard without permission from the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB). For more info contact MPRB Forestry at 612-313-7710 or