Help Parks for All



Community Collaborator program offers paid opportunities to help with Parks for All, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) upcoming new Comprehensive Plan

The MPRB and the Minneapolis Parks Foundation invite local grassroots, neighborhood and cultural organizations to convene their own conversations about the future of Minneapolis parks and recreation through the Community Collaborator program!

Consider submitting a project proposal designed to broaden community engagement for Parks for All, a project that will set the vision for Minneapolis parks and recreation for the next decade.

Funding varies $500-$3,000 according to the project idea and proposed budget. Proposals will be competitive, and those that are selected will receive funding to implement their idea. Submissions are due Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 4 p.m.

What is Parks for All? The last MPRB Comprehensive Plan was approved in 2007 and set a vision through 2020. Parks for All is the next MPRB Comprehensive Plan, which will guide the Minneapolis park and recreation system for the next decade.

The MPRB Comprehensive Plan guides everything done by the MPRB. It articulates why the MPRB exists, identifies how the MPRB performs its work, and describes what the MPRB hopes to become.

Parks for All is separate from the recent City of Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. It solely covers the Minneapolis park and recreation system. It will build off other recent MPRB plans including service area master plans for neighborhood parks, master plans for regional parks and other plans and policies that have been developed by MPRB in recent years with community input.