Good times at the Folwell Resource Fair



The rain didn’t stop hundreds of folks from coming out to connect at the Annual Folwell Resource Fair this year on June 20! We weren’t sure if it would work, but the park cleared away everything that could move, and put up more than 50 tables throughout the whole building to fit all the resources and vendors scheduled to come. The gym was packed with tables, food from Wha’Jamacian and about a dozen performers for three solid hours. The fair boasted performances and demonstrations (many from Folwell Park to highlight their programs) and local Northside artists. Performers included The Seven Dragon Kempo team, Unlimited Drill & Dance Team, Folwell’s Line dancing and Zumba classes, DJ SciPreme, DavidAbide Pellinen, Traiveon Dunlap and Marcus Kar. Even the brand new Folwell Cheerleaders came and rallied the event. Folwell’s own Lady Kay came with free Snow Cones and toppings sponsored by NPR’s Water Main Project. While the Loppet’s Bike Course was cancelled and the Kickball game, the Game Truck, Fire Truck and the Baron of Bubbles were still able to attend once the rain lifted. 20 bikes and some skateboards were given away through Folwell’s FLY UP Youth Team at their “Kids on Wheels” event. Thirty “Keep Folwell Clean” signs were painted and distributed among residents! Interested in getting your own sign? Contact

The evening was full of energy, laughter, connection, and so much enjoyment.  To get a full resource and performer list, and to see photos, visit This event continues to grow and FNA is excited to continue to build on its success for next year. To join the mailing list to learn more about events at Folwell, visit to sign up, contact or join the Facebook Group “Folwell Neighborhood Minneapolis.”