Perkins Hill Pump Track coming– the first pump track in our City parks!

The dark and light blue lines show the concept for a potential pump track at Perkins Hill Park.


This spring the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is engaging with community members for the planning and design of a new bicycle pump and skills track, to be constructed next year at Perkins Hill Park.

Sometimes referred to as an all-wheel park or bike training course, a pump track features circuits of banked turns, mounds and other features that can be used by people of all ages and abilities with any type of bike, scooter or skateboard. While novices use them to build skills, pump tracks are also a challenging workout for advanced riders, who skip pedaling and maintain momentum with upper- and lower-body pumping motions.

Folks interested in biking, skating and scooting met to talk about it on April 13 at Venture North Bike Walk & Coffee. They got info on the project and helped develop a conceptual design. Info:; have your say at