Metro bus route changes


Beginning June 8, Metro Transit is implementing an improved type of transit service — bus rapid transit — along Penn Avenue. The C Line rapid bus will provide faster service, enhanced stations and larger vehicles. Once implemented, the C Line will replace Route 19 as the primary transit service in the corridor.  Route 19 will remain, but at a lower frequency than today.

Today most Route 19 trips travel between Brooklyn Center Transit Center and downtown. There are also two branches — the 19Y and 19H — that deviate from Penn Ave. to serve the Cleveland and Victory neighborhoods. Last spring Metro Transit engaged residents about how to best continue serving these areas.

Based on feedback received and ridership data, Metro Transit’s final recommendation is a modified combination of the two existing branches, one that operates on Thomas between Lowry and 42nd Ave. This new branch will operate during peak periods to serve key work start and end times in downtown Minneapolis with roughly six trips in the morning and six trips in the evening. All other Route 19 trips will continue to serve local stops along Penn Ave at a roughly 30-minute frequency.

Implementing these changes requires removing 29 existing bus stops and installing 16 new bus stops along Thomas and 42nd Aves. All new bus stops need to be ADA- compliant, and in many locations this will require installing a new 5’ x 8’ concrete pad in the boulevard. Info: or Karyssa Jackson at 612-349-7396.