C Line update



Metro Transit will host a re-lighting ceremony for the “Blossoms of Hope” C Line station at Penn and West Broadway on Wednesday, May 8 at 8 p.m.

The May 2011 tornado tore through North Minneapolis destroying homes and wreaking havoc for residents. At Penn and West Broadway, the newly completed Metro Transit art shelter was among the items damaged. The plaza area, where the iconic shelter stands today, became a relief center for community members to rally together, support one another and share resources. The shelter became a symbol of hope for rebuilding the damaged area and started to be known as the “Blossoms of Hope.”

While work was done to repair one of the flowers following the storm, the lights and electrical work in shelters were not fixed until C Line construction. The ceremony will mark the first time the blooms have been illuminated since the storm. Info: cline@metrotransit.org.

C Line Bus Naming Contest – submit your name ideas by May 8! Fourteen names will be chosen and will be featured onboard the new C Line buses. Metro Transit will provide groups that wish to participate with the materials, both paper and online, for the contest. Info: contact cline@metrotransit.org.