Great help with housing!

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is changing and growing, because housing needs are greater than ever before.  The nationally-recognized organization is “The New Habitat” with opportunities for more local families and new ways to buy a home in the Twin Cities metro area. Families in your community can be helped to own their own home.

 Habitat is trying to help prospective home buyers in our community. Habitat has many pathways for more families than ever to be successful homeowners.

Families who may have barriers to buying a home through traditional mortgage lenders can now buy on the open market using Habitat’s affordable, fixed-rate mortgage. They can work with a realtor of their choice, complete their homeownership education, and buy a home in their preferred city/neighborhood using our affordable mortgage.

Habitat has a new program that reaches a broader income range, including those who may think their income is too high to qualify for Habitat. Households earning $40,000-80,000+ have successfully bought homes in our redesigned homeownership program.

Unbeatable mortgage: 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with monthly payments set no more than 30 percent of income and down payment assistance may be available.

The expansion was made possible by an innovative partnership with Bremer Bank. It’s the largest of its kind among Habitat affiliates nationwide and now serves as a model.

More than 1 in 4 Minnesota households spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing.

The homebuying market is hot and homebuyers are struggling to find places they can afford. Starter homes fly off the market in just a few days. The need to open access to housing has never been greater – especially for first-time homebuyers and underserved populations.

The Housing Task Force came out with bold recommendations to get public, private and nonprofit sectors involved in creating a lot more housing in the metro area and around the state.

Info:  or 612-540-5660.