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The Northside is an area low in tree canopy, and like all of Minnesota, is being further devastated by emerald ash borer (EAB). Planting trees is essential for reducing energy costs, better managing stormwater, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing livability in our city. Healthy trees look beautiful, increase property values, keep the city cooler in the summer and provide homes for wildlife.

Thinking about adding a tree or two to your property this year? Then check out the following programs that offer low cost (or even free) trees to Minneapolis residents and businesses. Because if you’ve been tree shopping recently, you will know that trees are not cheap!

Rules and restrictions apply, so be sure to understand deadlines and the program requirements in order to take full advantage of these great opportunities to enhance your environment, while also helping reforest North Minneapolis.

The information in this article has been taken from available web sources and is only intended as an overview of each program. Visit the website listed or call the contact phone number provided to check eligibility.

Minneapolis Tree Sale Lottery
Deadline to enter the lottery is noon, March 13.

  • The Minneapolis Tree Sale Lottery is part of the Minneapolis City Trees Program. Working with Tree Trust (a local nonprofit organization), a lottery system will be used to select 850 property owners who will be eligible to purchase a tree at a discounted price: $30 for shade trees and evergreens, $40 for fruiting trees and ornamentals. The varieties offered this year are listed on the Minneapolis Tree Sale Lottery website.
  • The deadline for entering is noon on March 13. You will be notified on March 18 of your status and provided with further directions regarding pre-payment and tree selection if your name was selected. You may enter online or call the number below.
  • Only one entry per Minneapolis address. If you own multiple properties, you may register up to three addresses.
  • Trees will be available on a first-come, first-served basis following the selection notification. You will have seven days to complete your order. Quantities of each variety are limited.
  • Pre-ordered trees will be available for pick up at the Minneapolis Impound Lot on May 18, 19 and 20.
  • To enter the lottery or get more info visit,

or contact or 952-767-3886

2019 PLANT MORE TREES North Minneapolis program

This program is just for NoMi! It was launched following the 2011 tornado to replace trees that were destroyed within the tornado zone. Last year, Tree Trust donated (yes, these trees were free!) 80 trees to North Minneapolis property owners, which included delivery and planting by volunteers. Tree Trust is planning on repeating the program for 2019, although not all the specifics are ironed out at this time. Trees will be made available to Northside residents in the fall.

To receive updates, visit and complete the online form or call Tree Trust at 952-767-3886.


City Trees – businesses and organizations
The City Trees Program also offers discounted trees to eligible Minneapolis businesses and nonprofit organizations. Trees cost $30 each, which includes a consultation with a landscaper to find the best trees for your property. Trees awarded under this program are professionally planted, mulched and include watering bags. Requests for spring 2019 plantings are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more or request trees for your business property call 612-673-2084 or visit  Applicants must complete the tree survey at


Trees for your boulevard
The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) Forestry department is responsible for planting, pruning and removing trees along City streets, boulevards and in City parks. Minneapolis residents and property owners cannot plant trees on their boulevard without permission from MPRB.
Here are some options if you have either lost an existing boulevard tree or wish to plant a tree in a spot that was formerly tree-less. It should be noted that MPRB finalizes the spring planting list by November 1 to allow time to purchase trees from commercial nurseries. After November 1, they begin preparing the next year’s planting list, so they may not replace a tree removed in December, as an example, for 18 months.
*If an existing boulevard tree is removed, it is added to a replanting list unless something in the environment would prevent the tree from developing properly. It should not be necessary to request a boulevard tree replacement. However, you may wish to contact the Forestry department to check on the status of your replacement tree.
*You can request a new boulevard tree from MPRB – to be supplied at their expense. They will review your request, check budget availability and inspect the location to ensure it is suitable (environment and potential visibility restrictions can be issues). If your request is approved, MPRB will select the type of tree, decide on precise location and they will plant it during the season that is best for that variety. The timing of the planting will also depend on when you get on the planting list.
*You may request a permit to plant a tree on your boulevard, which, if granted, would allow you to plant your own tree – but at your expense. MPRB still makes all decisions relative to the species and exact location.
If you plant a tree on the boulevard without a permit and it is later deemed by MPRB to be in a problematic location and/or is not an approved species, MPRB will give you a deadline within which you must remove the tree. If you miss the deadline, they will remove or replant the tree.
For all questions and to request permits, contact MPRB Forestry contact 612-313-7710 or,
And visit

Finally, before planting a tree, remember it’s the law to call Gopher State One Call (651-454-0002) at least three days before digging. At no cost, they will mark buried utility lines for your safety.